My last article related to may PhD has been published!

Final point to this work.

After more than a year and a half since first submission and defense of my PhD, the last journal article I’ve written during this work has been published in IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering . You may find all information on this article on this page.

Although I had in mind another project of publication on the subject, applying the work of this paper to a highly realistic test case, I couldn’t manage to complete the study by the end of my thesis. And then, well, you look for a job, you find new job not related at all to your thesis and you’re doing many things on your free time and…

So I guess that’s the final point to this period of my life. But if anyone reading this post has a question on this work, feel free to contact me.


Florentin Delaine
Florentin Delaine
Safety Assurance Manager