Welcome to my personal website!

I have been thinking for a while about opening my own website for both professional and personal applications. Here we are!

For some people, opening a website is an easy task. By the way, I would rather say it is easy for anyone nowadays, from a technical perspective of course. But in these very first sentences of my first post on this website, I want to share briefly the questionings I had before setting all this up.

Is it useful?

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networks, you can easily share your thoughts. On LinkedIn especially, you may share your resume. Wordpress allows you to open blogs. And so on. Thus, on the first hand, there are multiple tools that can be combined to create one’s identity on the Internet. So why creating my own personal website? Well, when I helped to manage the websites of an engineering students' association between 2016 and 2017, I discovered (a bit) the work of sysadmin. Something that I wanted to learn since years and I felt after that I should study more this subject as it could be useful. Of course I could keep learning on my own laptop without applying it on real situations. But ordering my own VPS at OVHCloud would force me to practice by self-hosting the services I want to use! So in summary, it is useful for me to practice system administration and by the way, it allows me to control the data I want to share.

Is it being narcissistic?

Sometimes, I feel, in fact more and more, that too many people express themselves (relevantly) and too little listen and (truly) think. And I don’t think particularly that my opinions and advices have more value than others. But I have been thinking for a while about sharing some experiences I had, leaving my readers to come free to do what they want from them, notably about one of my hobbies, woodworking. However, I would rather not mix it with information on my professional activities. Thus, I will deploy dedicated blogs on my server that I will also list on this main website, on the page Links

The beginning of a journey?

At the moment, I don’t know yet all the things I will share on my websites. This will certainly evolve over time, and maybe some contents will appear and disappear. But I hope you will enjoy the time you spend here. Cheers.

Florentin Delaine
Florentin Delaine
Safety Assurance Manager